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Upcoming FREE Webinars:

A series of FREE webinars will be available for the next academic year 2020/2021 for parents, students and Guidance Counsellors. The topics will be on general career guidance topics + Careers in…..Series – a total of 32 talks and will provide presentations from the host and relevant guest speakers. Full schedule can be viewed below. These are scheduled for Monday lunchtime at 12.30 to run for an hour. Registration will go live the week prior to the talk. Registration will be FREE but you will be required to book your place. A link to the online event will be sent to you, once you register. A recording will be available for a set period of time after the talk to allow for parents/students or Guidance counsellors who maybe unavailable at that time, so no one need miss out. (paid subscription will allow for unlimited access). Questions can be sent in advance to ensure all queries are answered.

These webinars will be offered via Zoom download on this link for free. Registration Button will come live a week prior to the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Next Webinar: CAO Application & HPAT

Recording of Careers in Science

The Careers in…. Series aims to inform those joining in, of the variety of course options to suit different academic abilities, aptitudes and interests. We aim to give an insight into subject/grade requirements, key skills and qualities suited, job prospects, course content and more.
You will get insight from careers guidance perspective along with college/course options to suit all levels, professional body insight and hear from someone working in the industry.

  • Synergy Careers – 0-20 mins approx on who is best suited, career options, course options from apprenticeship route/PLC/I.T./Universities and requirements
  • 22-35 mins approx – Guest speakers Stephen Ryan from academic registry UL,
  • 35-45 mins approx – Gavin Collins , Department of Science NUIG
  • 45-55 mins appox – Mairead Dennehy, Department of Applied Science LIT
  • 55-63 mins approx. – Kathy O’Connor graduate story , Kathy woorks for Roche as a regional Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.
Recording of Careers in Healthcare
  • 0-23 mins Synergy Careers presentation on suitability of people, aptitudes and interests on careers in healthcare along with course options and careers in demand
  • 23-35mins Justin Kerr on courses available in GMIT
  • 35-50mins Stephen Ryan on courses available in UL
  • 55-70mins Guy Flouch on options available in Europe with courses taught through english
  • 70-80mins Niamh O’Flynn, science and medical graduate on her career journey
Recording of Goal Setting, Study Skills and Exam Technique
  • To approx 25 minutes – Synergy Careers referring to goal setting, useful tools, tips on notetaking and time management looking at helpful apps
  • 25-40 mins approx – Studyclix Eimear Dinneen, Operations Manager talks us through key study tips and navigates through study clix and what it offers
  • 40-55mins The Maths Tutor, Eamonn Toland the co-founder talks us through exam techniques, and offered an excellent resources for students to avail of that attended the webinar
Recording for Careers in Business & Administration
Synergy Careers, Careers in Business & Administration
  • 1:17 to 20 mins Synergy Careers talk on general tips on what students best suit careers in business, key requirements, variety of course options and career opportunities
  • 20- 31mins Ivan O’Connor, withh BBS degree with French from UL and how his career path has evolved over the last 20 years.
  • 31-42 mins Sarah O’Mahony SLO, Shannon College of Hotel Management,
  • 43- 56mins Dr. Therese Moylan, Head of Entrepreneur Dept, Dunlaoighaire IADT
  • 56-68 mins Dr. Stephen Ryan, UL Academic Registry
Recording for Careers in Accounting and Finance

The first of our Careers in ……Series starts with looking at careers in accounting, actuary, finance. Giving tips on variety of courses, combinations to consider, requirements, professional bodies (along with their requirements) and key skills/qualities/aptitudes that typically suit this career area.

  • 0-26 mins– Introduction from Julie O’Connor, Synergy Careers, on career areas in this sector, skills/qualities/aptitudes/interests that best suit, course options and requirements needed, developing a plan of action to ensure an informed well researched and best fit course/career as an end goal.
  • 27-37mins– Cathal O’Regan is a Senior Associate in PWC and looks at his journey from subject choice in TY, to finding a course that suited his interest/skills/academic ability at the time, why he picked business @ UL versus other options, to selecting accounting and working life  – what it is like, what your day to day looks like. (Technical issues arise at end of Cathals talk, but comes back at 1:00 to 1:05)
  • 38-55mins- John Gaynor from IT Sligo and ACCA talking through course options, various routes into accounting and finance offered
  • 55-60mins- Marie Moran, Head of Business Department IT Sligo, talks through the BA Insurance Practyice Apprenticeship + general BBS options
  • Q&A
Recording for Sept 14th Preparatison for Open Days/Career Events

With this new world of online and virtual offerings from colleges and careers sectors, it is important that we get familiar to how best navigate from our desktops or when in class with senior cycle students. I was be joined by NUIG, to guide us on this virtual journey through college campuses and what they offer. With key tips on how to make the most of the event and resources provided from Careers News, Qualifax and My Future Choice.

  • Timing: Introduction approx 20 minutes by Synergy Careers
  • Video – 2 minutes on NUIG
  • NUIG Powerpoint – 23-42mninutes
  • Conclusion with resources and links and social media link addresses
Friday 11th for LC 2020 Students – Results, Offers and Starting College

This webinar is aimed at providing information and support to this years Leaving Certificate Students on Offers Day. If you have any questions based on the offer you received, or subsequent offers that may come your way, alternative options, appeals or starting college. I will be joined by school liaison officers from NUIG, LYOT, MIC, SCHM and more

  • Timing: Synergy Careers presentation on offer dates/deadlines, appeals, LC November 2020 and alternative options 0-17mins
  • Joanne Hanrahan on staying calm and choose wisely 17-22mins
  • LYIT SLO Fiona Kelly – Options, available places, progression routes and virtual events 22-33
  • NUIG SLO Caroine Duggan – deferral process, offers + 33-43
  • MIC SLO Patrick Cosgrave – options, offers, accommodation, blended learning and back up to primary teaching 43-52mins
  • SCHM SLO Sarah O’Mahony – Amount of on campus learning, pod system + 52-58mins
Recording of Sept 7th Career Planning & Research
Here is an outline of topics covered in this webinar, speakers and timing
  • 0-18mins General presentation from Synergy Careers on roles of parent, student and Guidance Counsellor in career guidance process
  • 18-29mins Parent & 2nd year college student (Aileen and Richard Barron) on the importance of career guidance in helping clarify best fit
  • 29-45mins Careers News & Qualifax – Tom Farrell gave a whistle stop tour of these 2 key resources and how to access/navigate them
  • 45-1.00hr UL, Laura Moloney walked us through UL college website and what inofrmation is available to students to help them be well researched
  • 1hr to end Yooni – Nathan &Darragh walk us through this new personalised assessment tool to be launched later this month ; check out or email to request a demo or information

Schedule of General Career Guidance Topics

SeptemberMonday 7thCareer Planning & Research
SeptemberFriday 11thResults, Offers and starting collegeCareer
SeptemberMonday 14thPreparation for Open Days/Career Exhibitions
OctoberMonday 5thGoal Setting, Study Skills & Exam Technique
NovemberMonday 2ndCAO Application Procedure &Hpat
DecemberMonday 7thStudying Abroad – Eunicas, UCAS +
JanuaryMonday 11thBack up plans to your 1st Choice – CAO + others
FebruaryMonday 1stApplications & Additional Requirements
MarchMonday 1stSubject Choice for TY and Career Decisions
MarchMonday 22ndPLC Route
AprilMonday 12thCost of Going to College
MayMonday 10thCAO Change of Mind
MayMonday 24thTransition to College
JuneTuesday 8thFinal Exam Tips

There will be a variety of speakers at each webinar. I will be hosting and giving a general introduction/overview to each topic; guest speakers from 3rd level, industry and other relevant organisations will join me to give more indepth details. There will be a maximum of 6 speakers per session, including the host. If more than 5 colleges/relevant speakers are interested and wish to book, the webinar will be scheduled at lunchtime on other lunchtimes @ 12.30 on the same week.

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Testimonial from:Fiona Kelly, LYIT Schools Engagement & RPL Officer

Julie O’Connor, Synergy Careers hosted a series of themed weekly events in May 2020. These events provided Letterkenny Institute of Technology(LYIT) with an opportunity to promote our CAO and Postgraduate/Masters programmes, discuss our scholarships and provide students with details about student life on campus at LYIT. These webinars also provided LYIT with the opportunity to participate in discussions with colleagues from other universities and colleges about the broad range of third-level issues that impact Parents, Teachers, Guidance Counsellors and Prospective Students. The webinars were informative, well-organised and efficiently co-ordinated. Julie has provided a ‘one-stop’ advice platform that supports students, parents and educators to make informed decisions about their third-level choices.

Check out Reviews page for more feedback by attendees and guest speakers

Full Timetable of ALL Talks in our Careers Webinar Series

MONTHDateCareer Guidance Webinar Series
SeptemberMonday 7thCareer Planning & Research
SeptemberFriday 11thResults, Offers and starting college
SeptemberMonday 14thPreparation for Open Days/Career Exhibitions
SeptemberMonday 21stCareers in Accountancy & Finance               
SeptemberMonday 28thCareers in Business & Administration                                       
OctoberMonday 5thGoal Setting, Study Skills & Exam Technique
OctoberMonday 12thCareers in Health – Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing
OctoberMonday 19thCareers in Science                                               
NovemberMonday 2ndCAO Application Procedure &Hpat
NovemberMonday 9thCareers in Engineering                                        
NovemberMonday 16thCareers in Art & Design, Architecture              
NovemberMonday 23rdCareers in Sports & Sports Scholarships       
NovemberMonday 30thCareers in Humanities – why study an Arts Degree?  
DecemberMonday 7thStudying Abroad – Eunicas, UCAS +
DecemberMonday 14thCareers in Psychology & Law
JanuaryMonday 11thBack up plans to your 1st Choice – CAO + others
JanuaryMonday 18thCareers in Education                                            
JanuaryMonday 25thCareers in Counselling, Social Care & Religion              
FebruaryMonday 1stApplications & Additional Requirements
FebruaryMonday 8thCareers in Computing
FebruaryMonday 22ndCareers in Defense Forces, Garda Siochana & Public Service
MarchMonday 1stSubject Choice for TY and Career Decisions
MarchMonday 8thCareers in Hospitality & Tourism                  
MarchMonday 15thCareers in Media & Entertainment                          
MarchMonday 22ndPLC Route
AprilMonday 12thCost of Going to College
AprilMonday 19thCareers in Transport        
AprilMonday 26thCareers in Construction & Apprenticeships
MayMonday 10thCAO Change of Mind
MayMonday 17thCareers in Agriculture
MayMonday 24thTransition to College
JuneTuesday 8thFinal Exam Tips
ALL Talks are scheduled for Lunchtime @ 12.30 to 1.30pm

Careers in……. Series of Webinars

Careers in….. Series of webinars : These will be scheduled throughout the year as luchtime talks on Mondays. Registration will come live a week prior to the talk. Registration will be required to access link. A recording will be available for a set period of time after the talk to allow for parents/students or Guidance counsellors who maybe unavailable at that time. Questions can be sent in advance to ensure all queries are answered.
(paid subscription will allow for unlimited access)

MONTHDateCareers in…..
SeptemberMonday 21stAccountancy & Finance               
SeptemberMonday 28thBusiness & Administration                                       
OctoberMonday 12thHealth – Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing
OctoberMonday 19thScience                                               
NovemberMonday 9thEngineering                                        
NovemberMonday 16thArt & Design, Architecture              
NovemberMonday 23rdSports & Sports Scholarships       
NovemberMonday 30thHumanities – why study an Arts Degree?  
DecemberMonday 14thPsychology & Law
JanuaryMonday 18thEducation                                            
JanuaryMonday 25thCounselling, Social Care & Religion              
FebruaryMonday 8thComputing
FebruaryMonday 22ndDefense Forces, Garda Siochana & Public Service       
MarchMonday 8thHospitality & Tourism                  
MarchMonday 15thMedia & Entertainment                          
AprilMonday 19thTransport        
AprilMonday 26thConstruction & Apprenticeships
MayMonday 17thAgriculture

School Parents nights

On site or online talks for school communities: suitable for parent evenings, recordings of webinars can be sent to the school/organisation after to allow those who could not attend access

Option A – Choosing the best career for senior cycle students and parents

Option B – CAO, college application for 6th year parents

Option C – Goal setting & Study skills – geared towards exam students and parents

Option D – Exam Technique – geared towards exam students and parents

Option E – Subject Choice and career decisions – for students entering senior cycle and parents

Schools, Parent Groups or organisations who wish to book these workshops click here

Workshops/topics of interest but not listed, contact me and we can look at creating an option. 

Online Career Guidance Classes

Online curriculum will be available for senior cycle students, topics and schedule tbc. These will provide more in-depth career guidance on topics such as career awareness and research; study skills/goal setting; college application: what is needed; Subject choice – what you need to know. If you are interested in online classes please send your query using the button below.

Term Schedule:

Due to COVID-19, students all over Ireland have missed out on valuable career guidance. Synergy Careers wishes to offer students a chance to explore their strenghts, interests, values and much more via an online group setting using online career guidance tools from the comfort of their own home. We offer classes to all senior cycle students.  

A student can do as many or as few lessons as they need. The lessons will be transmitted through Zoom.

Previous webinar: May 2020

1. On Thursday May 7th at 7.30pm a webinar on Change of mind advice clinic.

I was joined by Dr Patrick Cosgrave from MIC, Caroline Duggan from NUIG, Laura Moloney from UL, Sarah O’Mahony from SCHM, Fiona Kelly LYIT, Brian Comerford from Classroom Guidance and Joanne Hanrahan Psychotherapist and Guidance Counsellor so far. A very comprehensive presentation was given by all providing great tips, do’s/don’ts and looking at options within your CAO application.

2 On Thursday May 14th Back-up plans to your first choice. The webinar was on PLC’s and QQI progression to 3rd level, alternative options to 3rd level, PLC route, the ladder system of progression in I.T.’s, postgraduate conversion option to courses of high points, and European options (EUNICAS) .
I was joined by Caroline Duggan NUIG, Fiona Kelly LYIT, Rose Doyle LCFE, Laura Moloney from undergrad admissions UL, Joachim Barnett from Postgrad admissions UL, Sarah O’Mahony from SCHM with 2 students, Brian Comerford from Classroom Guidance and Guy Flouch from EUNICAS. The aim is to ensure that Leaving Certificate students are aware of all oppotunities to furthering their education and future career aspirations, especially if they feel they may fall short of what is needed for their first choice. 53% of students in 2019 got their 1st preference, so back-up options are very important. I gave a brief presentation on alternative options with each guest speaker giving key information and advice with Q&A throughout.

3. On Thursday May 21st the theme will be finance, funding, scholarships, expenses and budgeting. The topic included finance/SUSI grants, funding, via bursaries & scholarships, accommodation, expenses and budgeting. It gives a very detailed insight into funding and financial supports available to students to help reduce the financial burden and also some excellent budget tips. Guest speakers involved were Dr Patrick Cosgrave from MIC, Caroline Duggan from NUIG, Fiona Kelly LYIT, Laura Moloney UL, Sarah O’Mahony SCHM, Brian Comerford (Classroom Guidance) and Guy Flouch EUNICAS.

4. On Thursday May 28th the theme was transition to college.
This seminar looked at the transition to college, supports that are in place, advice and guidance to ensure you hit the ground running, settle in quickly and effectively. How best to engage with your lectures, labs, assessments, research and extra curricular, especially with present pandemic. Guest speakers included Brian Comerford, Classroom Guidance,focused on tips for best transtion to college, Julie O’Connor Synergy Careers focused on tips for notetaking, along with the following college representatives; Dr. John McGinnity Maynooth University, Caroline Duggan NUIGalway, Sarah O’Mahoney SCHM, Dr. Patrick Cosgrave MIC, Fiona Kelly LYIT, and Stephen Ryan UL.