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FREE Webinar Career Guidance Series is aimed at prospective students (Leaving Certificate, Mature students, Adult Learners), parents/guardians and Guidance Counsellors. Next webinar is highlighted below, click on the button provided to register.

Each Webinar is scheduled during the school term on Mondays at 12.30pm to 1.30pm to accommodate Parents during lunch hour ,and Guidance Counsellors who are free at this time to join us (if in class you could project the live webinar). Each webinar will be recorded and a link provided here, this will accommodate those who would like to view the webinar later in the week. Guidance Counsellors can show in class then whenever you are scheduled or students view in their own time – again this will be free for a limited time.

If you wish to send in any questions in advance that you wish answered contact us here

Career Guidance, 1-1 meetings available now online or Face-to-face

Unsure of your CAO choices? Not clear if you are making the right choice

Have you made the right subject choice for Leaving Certificate and ensure you meet requirments for your future course/career choice?

Have you been made redundant or looking for change in career?

Do you need clear advice and guidance on the best postgraduate options for you?

We can accomodate with social distancing and self isolation. Appointments can now be taken online with assessments done in advance. Here you can access a brief video on my facebook page to explain the content and quality of online career guidance. Contact for further information or to make a booking.
Clients who have availed of this service to date give 5/5 for all aspects of the process: online provision, lenght of time (3 hours), value for money and satisfaction and quality of reports. Feedback from one parent is the “she and her daughter found the process excellent and very thorough” Check out other reviews here

Virtual Camps with Varsity Tutors

Camps for students of all ages can be found on this link With a major summer camp provider in the USA open to students here check out here for more information

The American timezones will be listed next to the times for each class, so most families in Ireland will find that our early morning classes work well as afternoon classes in your timezone. In terms of the grade levels, the grade for each course is just an estimate and can be interpreted liberally. Here is a guide

  • Kindergarten; ages 5-6
  • 1-5; ages 6-11
  • 6-8; ages 11-14
  • 9-12; ages 14-18

Though the details about the courses are displayed using American standards, the content of the courses is universal. We already have students all over the world enrolled!

Webinars and workshops

Following the success of the weekly online Webinars in the month of May 2020, Synergy Careers will continue to host Career Guidance Webinars with guest speakers. These will be scheduled 1 per week; topics will be based on 2 categories

a. General Career areas as per topics listed below that were dealt with in the May Series.

b. Careers in ……. Series which will be more focused on specific career paths and opportunities

Refer to Workshops page for detailed schedule.

Life is full of important decisions, career decisions being one of the biggest.We want to make a career choice that helps us achieve our full potential, inspires us to do better, and has us wanting to engage in an enthusiastic, happy and positive way on a professional and personal level.

Synergy Careers Service is here to guide you to make the best decisions and lead you to greater job satisfaction, greater motivation and a sense that “this is what I am meant to be doing with my life.”