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Synergy Careers facilitates the development of each client’s decision-making skills, guides and enhances their self-awareness and knowledge base.

You will be assisted to make choices on a personal, educational and career basis about your life, to set targets and to make transitions consequent to these choices through use of guidance tools and exploratory discussion.

This will be done in a safe, positive, respectful and non-judgemental environment.

It is challenging for clients wishing to make a career decision or career change to navigate through all the choices that exist, to ensure they make appropriate choices to be eligible for application, to know what level to pitch at – degree course versus certificate, Institute of Technology versus university or PLC, apprenticeship or employment routes. So support and information will be provided to help navigate through this selection process.


Note: testing is carried out according to the British Psychological Society International Guidelines for Test Use. Psychometric tests are administered according to standard ethical guidelines and only as one aspect of a wider Careers Assessment Package.


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Some feedback from satisfied clients!

“Julie was really lovely to talk to. It was professional but also relaxed and comfortable. She understood everything you said, and really looked into the small details of your interests and hobbies to find the root of what you really love. An overall great experience, and will hopefully see her again next year when I’ve done some research and am more informed. I have no doubt that she would be a great help again.”

5th Year Student

“Absolutely brilliant experience, I left my appointment absolutely certain about a career path to follow best suited for me and found the whole experience very informative and helpful with the future steps to take! 100% would recommend this programme to anyone who is unsure of college courses and career paths to follow best suited to their interests!”

3rd Level Student

” I found the process very beneficial; Probing questions which helped develop thought process. I had developed a very blinkered view with regards to my career choices and through discussion and having an independent party point out through “interest used test” and conversation the positives to my career & life experiences; opening up potential new avenue.”

Adult Changing Career

“Helped me realise my skills and strengths and gave me confirmation of my career path. I learned what I liked and what I’m good at. Helps you to recognise who you are as a person and what direction to go towards with your career.”

6th Year Student

“I would so recommend Julie to any student/parent who are unsure about their future but just getting the confidence to look at other options for a brighter career has made my daughter feel excited about what she can actually achieve with her career.”

Parent of 6th Year Student

“After going through Julie’s assessments and her interviews, he set off in a strongly mathematical, engineering focused direction and has simply thrived ever since.”

Parent of TY Student