“My son is in currently in 5th year and my daughter is in TY. Both met with Julie in advance of making their leaving cert subject selections. My daughter found the exercise very useful in picking out areas that she is good at but does not really like (Physics,) subjects she likes but is less good at (Home Ec), and subjects she likes and is good at (accounting.) She had not looked at things like this in advance of meeting Julie, so this was a great experience.

But in the case of my son, I would say that the experience of engaging with Julie and working with her on the assessment was truly transformative. He didn’t have a strong direction after the junior cert. After going through Julie’s assessments and her interviews, he set off in a strongly mathematical, engineering focused direction and has simply thrived ever since. He has become so confident in his ability to devour technical subjects that he dumped Business Studies in January, half way through fifth year, and took up DCG instead. His teachers were a bit doubtful but they backed him. He has eaten up the DCG course in the meantime, has caught up with the class and is now in H1 territory here, as well as in Physics, Maths and Applied Maths.

He has a lot of work ahead of him yet, but as parents we have been amazed at his progress in 5th year, we never saw this coming. Because he was so settled and comfortable with his subject choices, the recent COVID disruption hardly affected him at all. Most importantly, he is happy. We can’t say enough about how valuable it was for him to work with Julie, and would recommend her to all parents who have children preparing for 5th year and beyond.”

Testimonial from a parent of 2 clients: TY subject choice and career direction