March 2020 – Covid 19 update 

Free 1-1 career guidance meetings for 15 minutes for students to help you with your concerns and questions. 

Career Guidance available now online to accomodate social distancing and self isolation. Appointments can now be taken online with assessments done in advance. Contact for further information.

Click here for the Zoom link to daily career guidance support and relevant topics for March 23rd to 27th. On my facebook and instagram I will be providing video links and advice each day.

Life is full of important decisions, career decisions being one of the biggest.We want to make a career choice that helps us achieve our full potential, inspires us to do better, and has us wanting to engage in an enthusiastic, happy and positive way on a professional and personal level.

Synergy Careers Service is here to guide you to make the best decisions and lead you to greater job satisfaction, greater motivation and a sense that this is what I am meant to be doing with my life.